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5 Cricketers of the Year 2005.

 Compiled by Mr Matthew Hartnell of Woodford Green


1. Peter ‘Nobby’ Stiles ( The Mullet)


Very good judges say they have not seen his like for over 15 years. Certainly you have to go back to the likes of Chris Waddle, The German 1990 World Cup squad and Duran Duran, to see such a fine Mullet.

Many commentators say that like stone masonry and thatching that the Mullet was a dying skill, but young Peter has found one of the few remaining experts in this field.

Peter burst onto the scene in his first full season with a mixture of wides long hops and absolutely unplayable late in swingers.

Expect to see this season : Replica mullet wigs for sale on the club website.


2 Danny Andrews

Up until last year the greatest moment in the Andrews family history came in 1962 when Danny’s Grandmother Julie put on her habit and sang about the hills being alive with the Sound Of Music.

That was until Saturday the 11th of June 2005 when Danny took on Farnham 2nds and posted his highest ever total of 86. It was a mixture of luck, brute strength and a very good eye, from the ex-Spurs keeper. He only came unstuck when he tried to blast his way from 86 to his maiden hundred.

Expect to see this season : The extra 14 runs for his first ever century.


3. Mark Wilson

Denied the chance to get 87 in the same game due to Danny’s hogging of the batting that day.

Mark is another newcomer to the team who has improved allround game last season, batting, bowling, fielding and sledging!

One tip Mark, whilst we don’t encourage it, it is usually wicket keepers slips and short leg who practice the dark art of sledging the batsman not deep extra cover ! 

Expect to see this season : More a case of what we expect to hear this season !


4. Steve Byford.

The old Jedi master gets older in body but is still as sharp in mind and eye as he was 20 years ago.

Steve decided to play for the 2nd team in 1995 which left a huge whole in the 1st team. It wasn’t long before he was soon notching up a century for the 2nd team.

With a highest score of 133 and three centuries during the season he deservedly led the batting averages again.

Expect to see this season : More runs !


5. Steve Hume.

It's 2 years out of 3 for the Magician, making an appearance in cricketers of the year.

West Ham scraping through the play-off final seemed to inspire Steve to some of his best batting performances for a long time, in particular the match away at Willingale.

A day where we could have been all out for about 80 where no one settled on the recreation ground, opposition batsmen included, saw Steve post a fine knock of 60, which in the context of that match was probably worth about 120. It meant that a game that was in danger of being all over before tea actually became a competitive game which MGCC only narrowly lost in the end.

Expect to see this season : Steve play the first 3 games of the season as West Ham don’t have the play offs to worry about.


Summer 2004 Season

 Compiled by Mr Matthew Hartnell of Woodford Green

5 Cricketers of the Year 2004 - In no particular order

Junior Bibby.

By his own admission he had a fantastic season with the ball. Junior’s development improved so much that David Brown's defection to Australia was hardly noticed.

Has the capacity to produce a devastating spell that can see 3 or 4 batsman back in the pavilion in quick succession when umpiring.

James Ambi

To misquote Roy Scheider in Jaws

‘We’re gonna need a bigger scorebook’

Possibly the longest ever surname to appear for Matching Green but also now filling the runs section . An elegant batsmen following in the best traditions of fine Sri Lankan batsmen such as Sidath Wettimuny, Aravinder Da Silva and Sanath Jayasuriya.


John Rochester

Who shot JR …. and replaced him with this remorseless run machine?

Possibly his finest ever season saw him win the batting award with 2 centuries last season. All this with the added handicap of being an Arsenal fan.

Nick Scantlebury

I didn’t see much of Nick last season, but what I did see leads me to believe that the Matching academy has unearthed another Gem. Has good pace for his age and also gets good lift off the pitch.

Peter Liversidge

We didn’t see enough of the sausage last year (said the mother superior to the actress), but what we did see can leave no one in any doubt that on his day he is matching’s most destructive batsman. Two Innings at Buntingford and Newport really saw him at his best. In his pristine white kit he strikes terror in the heart of any bowler who pitches the ball short, or anyone else with a new car parked on the boundary

Summer 2003 Season

Compiled by Matthew Hartnell - In no particular order.

Graeme Bowerman

What a fantastic season it's been for Graeme. He really has overcome the twin adversities of being both ginger and having a extremely hairy back to produce some stunning performances with the bat this season.

Steven Hume

MGCC's very own Patrick Moore came into his own in two particular innings against White Roding and Stansted Hall where he was absolutely merciless against long hops outside leg stump.

Tom Figg

'The apple never falls far from the tree' er no not quite in this case. Who on earth has got Tom playing attacking shots in the first 10 overs of the innings, he certainly didn't get that from Martin.

Tony Little

Anyone who has information on the whereabouts of the real Tony Little please call Crimestoppers. Your call will be taken in total confidence!

Rob Leamon

37 wickets at 10.54 apiece says it all - Bowling Hog!

Tom Hobbs

A great advert for the MGCC Academy - and token Leyton Orient supporter with no Paul Bard now.