Matching Green Cricket Club Matching Green 1st XI squad

Matching Green 1st XI

Captain : Riz Akram

Charlie Bass
Left-Arm "Slinga Malinga" opening bowler for the 1stXI, can be rapid for someone of his age, and will only get quicker. Can hit a fair ball aswell when needed. His iPod can be heard a mile away from The Green, with "Umbrella Ela Ela, Ey Ey" being his famous soundtrack.
Junior Bibby
One of the most committed members of the MGCC 1st XI, always plays with a great deal of passion! Most probably the noisiest fielder in the HECL, with cries of "It's in the air lads" as another six flies into The Chequers off Lordy's bowling. His bowling is sometimes un-playable in overcast conditions when the Bibster gets into full swing, and it wouldnt be the same without a few extended follow-throughs and stares at the batsman.
Lived up to his potential as Matching Green's Viv Richards.
Graeme Bowerman
Very Ginger. Keen to ensure fun is also had whilst performing well! Mainly an effective, if not elegant batsman, who can bowl when required.
Now unable to claim being the hairiest man at MGCC, he is happy to settle with being the token "ginga" within the ranks. Long time Batchelor Graeme finally shook of the cruel gay jibes when he eventally married his sweetheart Vanessa in 2009.
Paul Dawson
New recruit for 2011. Unknown talent. Says he does a bit. Let's see!....Err League Champs !!!!! Nuff said lol x
Sam Figg
Another graduate from the Russell International School of Cricket (RISC), Sam has proved his worth as a top order batsman with some important innings during the 2007 season and will look to increase his runs total during the 2008 seson. Can also bowl some effective little in swingers if called upon by Spider.
Tom Figg
Tom, eldest of the Figg brothers, is a hard hitting batsman who has played for The Green since the age of 11 when the Russell Colts Dynasty was forming. Along with Hobbsie, was the first product to represent the 1st XI after being under the tutoridge of Sir Russell.
Ben Franks
Ben, and his brother Sam, joined MGCC last season after moving to The Green from Singapore. Living in England for the summer months, he will be looking to break into the 1st XI with his batting and especially 'keeping skills.
Jason Green
Matching's very own England International having represented our country in over 50 indoor cricket international matches.

Gay and proud lol......
Simon Hartnell
Simon has been cover driving decent balls for 4 runs through the covers for as long as he can remember, and bowling full tosses for even longer. Known as Lordy.

Any adorring fans can usually find Simon completing a few laps of the Clock Tower rounderbout in Harlow at 1:37pm before deciding it's time to leave for Cricket on the Green, but he is happy to stop to sign autographs. Likes a curry
Thomas Hobbs
Opening bowler in serious decline, has now tranformed into the 1st XI's solid opening bat, forming a formidable partnership with Lordy at the top the innings! Has textbook technique and can bore the pants off anyone with his forward defences when opening up, although his shot selection is "awesome" states Matthew Hartnell.
Max Hunt
Fiona & Ashton Hunt
Rob Jones
Local lad Corporal Jones doesn't panic. Opening bowler and Indoor League 1st team captain.
Harry Lees

Often mistaken as a limp wristed man (i.e. Greeny) due to his excessive pink clothing but can counter with most catches in 2013. Spends most of time telling the boys to love thy neighbour. 

"A true batsman should in most of his strokes tell the truth about himself." - Sir Neville Cardus
James Malyon
Local lad joined in 2010. Looks a great prospect. Can bat all day and then bamboozle batsmen with crafted off spin.
Garrick Ponte
Dr Doolittle all the way from South Africa. Now resident with his chums in The Chequers. Hope to see more of him on the cricket field in 2011.
Jed Scanlon
A star in the making. Has removed Biffa from the wicket-keeping role in the seconds and also opens the batting ... and bowls. No end to his talents!!
Nick Scantlebury
Oldest of the "Scants", Nick has the impressive ability to swing the new ball in both directions. His batting can hold its own for the 1st XI aswell, and another good year for both School and Club bodes well for the future. Can always be found in The Chequers chatting up the ladies, or elaborating on his weekly excursions in his tractor.
Jonathan Taylor
A few seasons under the belt for Matching. Easley one of the best cricketers for the green with outstanding ability with the bat ball and in the field!!! Just don't want to show the other players up so chuck a few down the leg side and get a few ducks!!! Come on the green MGF MGF MGF!!!
Matt Taylor
A peaceful relaxed calm young man
Good umpiring, scoring and tea making skills
Definate prospect for the club
Simon Wasley
Pay n Spray Bowler

Pinch Hitting Late Order Bat

General Whale
Performance history