Matching Green Cricket Club Under 13 Indoor squad

Under 13 Indoor

Manager : Simon Hartnell

Simon has been cover driving decent balls for 4 runs through the covers for as long as he can remember, and bowling full tosses for even longer. Known as Lordy.

Any adorring fans can usually find Simon completing a few laps of the Clock Tower rounderbout in Harlow at 1:37pm before deciding it's time to leave for Cricket on the Green, but he is happy to stop to sign autographs. Likes a curry

Assistant Manager : Simon Jeffery

Simon is a loyal and committed member, who's most impressive "feature" has to be his low bullett arm that can run even the quickest of runners out. With a low swoop down for the ball and in one motion the ball is at the stumps, the batsman is gone. Can hit some hefty blows with the bat once getting his eye in.
Performance history